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Beaphar Top 10 Multivitamin Cat Supplement – 30 Tablets

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Beaphar Top 10 Multivitamin Cat supplement – 30 Tablets

You may give your cat homemade nutritional food everyday. This may not necessarily include all the required dietary nutrients for your pooch. He or she needs additional vitamins and minerals to maintain their coat and give a boost to their immunity to ward of diseases. The nutrient void in the food can now be met with the Beaphar Top 10 Multivitamin cat supplement tablets specially formulated for your cats. This comes in a pack of 30 tablets.
The tablets are a mix of essential vitamins and minerals along with essential fatty acids and Omega 3 fortification. These are excellent to maintain the general well-being of your cat and contain traces of taurine that helps to maintain good eyesight and a strong heart. The supplement for cats from Beaphar also helps to boosts the immunity system, which help to ward of diseases. 
  • Contains all vitamins and minerals
  • Facilitate healthy growth of cats
  • Develops strong bones and teeth
  • Maintains eyesight and strong heart


  • Quantity – 30 tablets 
  • Ingredients – Vitamins, Minerals, Taurine, Yeast, Molluscs and crustaceans, Milk and milk derivatives, Various sugars
  • Dosage – Give 1 tablet per 5kg body weight each day or as recommended by your veterinarian. Avoid over dosage
  • Nutritional Additives –
  • Vitamins, provitamins: Vitamin A 9500 IE/kg, Vitamin D3 1900 IE/kg, Vitamin E 940 mg/kg, Vitamin B1 595mg/kg, Vitamin B2 1183mg/kg, Vitamin B6 600mg/kg, Vitamin B12 4800ug/kg, Pantothenic acid 3546mg/kg, Nicotinamide  4622mg/kg, Biotin 121mg/kg
  • Trace elements: Iodine 1.8mg/kg, Manganese 7.9mg/kg
  • Amino acids, their salts and analogues
  • Analytical constituents – Crude protein 9.9%, Crude fat 2.7%, Crude fibre 7.4%, Ash 12.5%, Moisture 4.7%, Calcium 1.8%, Phosphorus 1.3%, Sodium 0.2%, Potassium 0.03%
  • Storage – Store in cool dry place


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