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PETSPORT Kitty Freak Ladybug Cat Toy

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PETSPORT Kitty Freak Ladybug Cat Toy

This Kitty Freak Ladybug Cat Toy is the perfect interactive toy for all your cats and kitten. It gives you and little feline friend time together. The toy looks attractive as it resembles a ladybug and has a feather flume attached.
The feather makes the toy extremely attractive for all your cats. The Freak Ladybug toy when flicked bounces back up and the plush feather plume tail of the toy will come alive with motion when flicked.There is smiley face drawn on the product, which gives it a fun look. The attractive colors of the toy will give your pet countless hours of fun. This comes in a assortment of colors but be rest assured that each of these ladybird toy looks perfect and kitten or cat.
  • High strength toy for your cat
  • It bounces back when flicked
  • Tail will come alive with motion
  • Interactive toy makes you also participate in games with your cat
  • Color – Assorted
  • Life stage – All stage
  • Material – Vinyl
  • Height(max) – Lady bug – 3.8 cm
  • Width (max) – Lady bug -7 cm
  • Suitable for– All cats
  • Use -Interactive toy


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