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Dibaq Sense Grain Free Chicken and Duck (Wet Food) – 380 gm

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Description :-

Complete food without cereals and developed for adult dogs of all breeds. The fresh chicken and duck meats used in the preparation are originally for human consumption, guaranteeing high levels of quality proteins that help to develop and maintain muscle mass.

List Of Ingredients :-  

Fresh meat 76% (chicken 44%, duck 32%), potato, fresh fruit and vegetables 4% (mushrooms, blueberries, mango and apple), salmon oil 1% (source of fatty acids omega 3 and 6), articular protector pack 0.5% (chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate and MSM), mineral substanc-es, aromatic plants with natural antioxidant properties 0.02% (rosemary, thyme and oregano).

Nutritional Analysis :-                       

Crude protein 8%, Crude oils and fats 6%, crude fibers 1.5%, Inorganic matter 1.5%, Moisture 78%, Vit. A 2700 I.U., Vit. D3 270 I.U., (a-tocopherol) 14mg.

Feeding Guide :-                             

See feeding table. The dog should always have an abundant supply of water freely available. Keep the container tightly closed in a cool dry place. Once open store in refrigerator and use within 48 hours. 

Weight of Dog Grams
5-10 kg 300-600
10-20 kg 600-975
20-35 kg 975-1600
35-60 kg 1600-2600


Claims and/or Certificates:-          

Dibaq Factories and their suppliers are certified by reputed institution of GLOAL GAPS and IFS (International Food Standard) stating that they use only 100% natural ingredients in their recipes, organically grown fruits and vegetables for optimum nutrition. Even the meat used are premium, suitable for human consumption and devoid of any hormonal inducements.   


About the brand :-                       

 Based in Segovia, Spain, Group Dibaq was set up in the 1950s by the Tejedor- La’zaro husband and wife team. It initially started as a family business in the poultry sector. The production of animal feed which was initially for self-consumption, led to subsequent specialization of the group in fish feed and pet food manufacturing. The business has since consolidated its position through a process of internalization and a firm commitment to research.

In the 1980s, thanks to the initiative of our current president, Mr Carlos Tejedor, the company decided to bet on aquaculture. Dibaq aquaculture was set up in 1987 to focus on food and services for the fish breeding sector. Dibaq Pet care was set up in 1989 to focus on nutrition, health and welfare of pets. The production of food began in 1990 with the installation of two high technology and capacity extrusion lines.

Dibaq today, is a 3rd generation family business and exports more than 45% of its production worldwide. We sell in more than 60 countries and have commercial offices and production houses set up in Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and America. The Dibaq group did a turnover of about 402 million euros in the activity reports of 2019.

At Dibaq we work towards improving the happiness of pets, making holistic nutrition available and affordable.

One of the most important elements that separate us from the rest and helps us to grow is our research and development department. A place where over 100 vets, nutritionists and technicians design new nutrition formulas. These new diets are tested, new manufacturing processes have trial runs and all those results are compared on an industrial level. Technology and machinery are essential during the production of food and that is why we spend resources and time to obtain the best raw materials, reduce production costs, be sustainable and improve animal’s health.

We make custom foods, and have separate functional lines, for breeders and competition. We make various foods adapted to suit different needs of a pet based on age, weight, allergies or any other specifics. Currently we serve over 200 varieties of wet and dry food for dogs and cats and are certified by European Food Safety Authority.

We work with sustainable proteins and other raw materials obtained in a respectful manner. This is why we have strengthened our relationships with partners certified by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for our sea ingredients. We are also proud to have the Global GAP certification, an international recognition that rewards our efficient production and the quality of what’s being produced.

Our facilities in Spain go through stringent annual IFS food audits for certifying the safety and quality of food products and production processes. We have been clearing this every year and that’s proof of the quality of our work.

Dibaq factories are designed to operate uninterrupted and with the latest technology. We have been working for years now to reduce our environmental footprint by using optimized production processes, using 100% recycled packaging.To mention our diversity of work, Dibaq pet care also offers pathology and diagnostic services. We have been working with the polytechnic University of Valencia and the School of Veterinary science at the Complutense university of Madrid for over 20 years to develop quality controls and other research projects.

All this information on our work is available in the public domain and enhances the faith of our consumers. Dibaq’s revolutionary work in canine clinical care has won the trust of many vets globally.

In India, Dibaq brands are co-owned and managed by Vibrant Remedies and have been operational since August of 2019.