Dibaq Sense Grain Free Salmon – 2 KG


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Description :-

Complete food without cereals and developed for adult dogs of all breeds. The fresh fish used in the preparation is originally for human consumption, guaranteeing high levels of quality proteins that help to develop and maintain muscle mass.

List Of Ingredients :-  

Fresh salmon 25%, fresh herring 22%, dehydrated salmon 20%, potato, peeled peas, chicken oil, beetroot pulp, dehydrated marine zooplankton, hydrolyzed salmon, fresh fruit and vegetables 4% (spinach, carrots and apple), Ceratonia siliqua, salmon oil (source of fatty acids omega 3 and 6), mineral substances, joint protector pack (chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate and MSM), yucca, chicory root (source of inulin-FOS), yeasts (MOS) and aromatic plants with natural antioxidant properties (rosemary, thyme and oregano).  

Nutritional Analysis :-                       

Crude protein 26%, crude oils and fats 15%, crude fibers 2.8%, inorganic matter 5.9%, Vitamin A 16,000 I.U./kg, Vitamin D3 1,550 I.U./kg, Vitamin E (α-tocopherol) 110 mg/kg. Metabolizable Energy (E.M. 3,648 kcal/kg).   

Feeding Guide :-                             

Place the amount of food in the feeder (see guidance table). Take into account that the amounts indicated in the guidance table will vary depending on the weight, physical activity, etc. There is also a component of variation related to the individuality of each animal. If any change is made in the food, it should be gradual, over 4 or 5 days, to avoid the appearance of intestinal disorders. It is very important for the animal to always have access to abundant fresh clean water. Keep the package properly sealed in a dry and fresh place, off the floor and hidden from direct sunlight.


  Weight of dog
 (grams / day)
2 40
4 120
6 140
8 160
10 200
20 280
30 380
40 480
>40 >480


Claims and/or Certificates:-         

Dibaq Factories and their suppliers are certified by reputed institution of GLOAL GAPS and IFS (International Food Standard) stating that they use only 100% natural ingredients in their recipes, organically grown fruits and vegetables for optimum nutrition. Even the meat used are premium, suitable for human consumption and devoid of any hormonal inducements.   


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