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Ezra Hart Harness Blue (Size 65)

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The Ezra Hart Harness is ideal for working dogs such as service dogs and all pet dogs as well. It is a multi-purpose harness with a design that can be comfortably worn and also fits perfectly with different sized dogs. It comes with an adjustable neck and chest straps to give it a snug fit on any dog. The straps are all padded and with a breathable mesh lining to enhance comfort and is made of high-quality nylon for durability. On top of the vest is a lay-flat handle that allows you to distribute the weight across the harness and keep the dog close to you in traffic or in a crowded area. The harness also has a stainless-steel D-ring for leash attachment and can be worn at all times without discomfort. Lastly, it also has reflective material for the dog to be noticed at night.


1. Soft mesh fabric makes the harness comfortable for your dog.
2. Soft and breathable air mesh lining.
3. Has reflective lining (Two-toned nylon webbing with reflective lines, which provides higher visibility)
4. Neck and chest straps are easily adjustable.
5. High-quality buckle which easily locks and releases.
6. Has soft neoprene padding on the back to add comfort.
7. Harness has a heavy duty D ring to attach leash.

Size Chart:-

size Neck (cm/inch) Chest (cm/inch) Suggested Dog Weight
45 40-51/15.7-20.0 53-67/20.8-26.3 7-15 KG
50 45-58/17.7-22.8 60-78/23.6-30.7 13-25 KG
55 51-65/20.1-25.6 66-85/25.9-33.4 23-30 KG
60 58-75/22.8-29.5 72-94/28.3-37.0 28-40 KG
65 64-82/25.2-32.3 786-100/29.9-39.4 38-50 KG
70 69-91/27.2-35.8 82-110/32.3-43.3 40-70 KG


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