Ezra No-Pull Dog Vest Harness Orange – Large

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This Ezra vest harness is the perfect item to own when you’re training your dog to walk at heel. The 3 rings are specially placed on the chest and the back. When your dog pulls, attach the leash to the chest ring to control your dog, and once your dog has stopped pulling while walking, use the back rings. The back rings do not cause any stress on your dog’s neck, and will not choke your dog. There are 3 buckles which makes it easy to put on your dog. It is the ideal solution for your pulling problem!


1. Perfect for daily walking, running, jogging, and other outdoor activities.
2. Rings on chest and back.
3. 3 buckles for easy wearability.
4. Easily adjustable, with snap buckles to put the vest on and off.
5. Double stitching for added durability.
6. LED portion maintains safety at night.
7. Made with soft polar fleece, very comfortable.

Size Chart:-

size Neck (cm) Chest (cm) Suggested Dog Weight
XS 25-40 35-55 2.5-5 KG
S 40-60 45-75 5-15 KG
M 45-65 60-90 15-30 KG
L 55-85 70-125 30-45 KG