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Fresh For Paws Grain Free Paneer Stew (Wet Food) – 100 G

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Fresh For Paws’ Fresh For Paws’ Paneer Stew is a mix of tender chunks of paneer, fresh vegetables, and olive oil put together to make sure your pet eats a perfectly healthy meal. 

Fresh for Paws Paneer Stew is hand made with love using the naturally hypoallergenic ingredients and is rich in all the nutrients that dogs require to live active lives. It is also free from artificial additives including preservatives, colorings, and flavorings.

List Of Ingredients:-  

1) Paneer I Cheese – Protein
Paneer is a good source of protein if you don’t give meat often.
2) Olive Oil – Skin and Coat
It naturally defends the immune system and makes the pets Skin and Coat Healthier.
3) Peas – Fiber
Green peas are a great source of Fiber for your pooch.
4) Potatoes – Optimum Carbs
Extremely digestible, and provides optimum energy to your pet to keep active, fresh, healthy and happy.
5) Carrots – Antioxidant & VIT A
Low calorie source, high in fiber and also help to slow down the progression of dental disease

Nutritional Analysis:-                       

Total Kcal 431; Protein 24g; Fat 35g; Carbohydrates 28g; Fiber 3g.

Feeding Guide:-

All the meals should be stored at room temperature. Please avoid keeping them under direct sunlight.


Dog Type Dog Weight Feeding Amount
TOY 2-3 KG 50-65 G
SMALL 4-5 KG 75-100 G
9 KG 130-180 G
MEDIUM 18 KG 230-305 G
27 KG 305-410 G
LARGE 36 KG 375-510 G
45 KG 435-610 G


Brand Story:-

Growing up years have been all about me and my pet dog Vanilla. From the time we got her home, I have always been very involved in all aspects of her life- be it food, grooming, health. I have always been particular about her diet and well being. This passion led to the birth of Fresh For Paws when in 2016,  I started working on some recipes for her and learned about animal nutrition. Finally in 2018, after intensive R&D, I launched Fresh For Paws. The sole motivation behind this initiative was to make sure that our pet dogs are fed a well-balanced diet. My taster in chief is my Lil fluff Vanilla, a 14-year-old labrador with very particular tastes. She makes sure that the recipes we introduce are to the point. 

Fresh For Paws is a Ready-To-Eat 100% natural Dog Food brand.  It ensures both the freshness of the food and its nutritional values remain intact. Our food has a shelf life of two years. Fresh For Paws is homemade, grain-free, and ready to eat pet food. Every meal is prepared, delivered, and proportioned to your pet’s calorie intake. It requires no scooping, defrosting, or guesswork. Meals are perfectly portioned, measured, and sealed in bags.

We offer real food made from natural ingredients and there are multiple variants to choose from. The food has high-quality proteins, nutrient-rich vegetables, and the vitamins and minerals your dogs need. We do not use rendered meats, by-products, or preservatives like other industrial pet food producers.