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Savic Cosy Air Tub For Dog & Cat – Cranberry 65 cm

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Savic Cosy Air Tub For Dog and Cat – Cranberry‚ 

The Savic Cosy Air Tub for dog comes in a bright color and is an excellent fit for almost all small to medium breed of dogs and all cats. You may love your dog and cat unconditionally but there will be times when they also need their own space. The Cosy air tub can provide that, it can sleep in it or just play with his or her toys in it.

This vibrant cranberry color Savic air tub for your dog is made of plastic so it makes cleaning the tub all the more easy. Just wash it with soap and water. The base of the tub is filled with very small holes to provide appropriate aeration to the bed and if it needs to be washed, it will help to drain the water from the tub as well.The aeration also helps to remove all kind of odor from the tub and ensures that it always smells fresh even with continuous usage. The tub is made of durable plastic that ensures that is non toxin for your small and medium breed dogs.


  • Made of durable plastic
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Gives your pet his or her own space
  • Non toxic to pets


  • Suitable for‚ – Small and medium breed dog and all cat
  • Color‚ – Cranberry
  • 78cmx41cmx24cm
  • Material‚ – High grade plastic


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