Luxury Pet Care: A boon to our doggos !

You’ll often hear pet owners proudly say, “Ye bhi toh mera beta/beti hi hai” which means “he’s also my son/daughter”, pointing towards their adorable pooch and looking at them with great affection. It’s almost unbelievable how these days, Indian parents are pampering their pet like their own child. Now, considering this, a pet also has to have as much luxury as a child, isn’t it? Right after waking up, starting from bathing to wearing good clothes to eating the right food and having a comfortable bed to sleep, a child gets it all as a luxury. Well so do pets. This is because if they are considered equal, they should be treated equal. The 21st century has clearly been a boon for pets to live in since it has come up with so many places offering luxuries for their utmost comfort.

Just imagine your furry pooch sitting comfortably with a lot of foam on his body, looking extremely pleased as a hooman is giving him ample belly massages, scrubbing him clean and getting a relaxing bubble bath amidst all this. When he is finally done, he comes out smelling so good with a ribbon tied around his neck, looking absolutely endearing. Quite a view, ain’t it? If your body needs time to time care, so would your pets’.

Moreover, today, in the contemporary world, the perspective towards pet fashionhas completely changed. Earlier, we really did not see an emergence of luxury for pets because perhaps, so much indulgence for an animalwas still a foreign endeavor for almost a lot of pet parents. It was actually after the 1990s that it finally became more acceptable to purposely choose not to have human children and opt for furry kids instead. It seems that with that shift, it then became more common to spoil these kids with the latest luxury and fashion styles. Unlike olden days when pets could barely have anything to do outside their homes, these days, dog lovers who in turn became the pioneers and started planning and building all the more good quality, comfort-driven pet hotels, restaurants and parks.Pet grooming industry also turned up and emerged drastically. It became a tour de force. Pet owners at that point also explored the idea to bring this new degree of care into their homes, where their pets spent the most of their time. Hence, an altogether new section for extravagance and luxurious pet products emerged. These included a range of fashionable clothing, accessories, toys, etc. All these new inventions only kept succeeding in their development and growth in the decades that followed.

Speaking of haute culture that has now become extremely widespread among pets as well, it is noteworthy to see how people are splurging a great deal on it. Haute dogs have become the new eye of famous fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Armani and so many more. It is indeed captivating to see Canine couture emerging and catching more and more attention gradually. These fashion design houses have actually worked on dog-shaped mannequins to create the appropriate sizes for different breeds ranging from dachshunds, Dobermans, Labradors and Greyhounds. Along with this, in the Indian market, since clothes play a vital role in big fat Indian weddings, a new line of Sherwanis and fancy attires for pet dogs and cats have also caught the eye of many, because clearly, even if you are a bride or groom, you can’t beat your pooch because it is always the showstopper.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the relationship between humans and pets is total without judgment, blame, or any kind of expectations. Pets love their people – regardless of everything, yet it is the most basic and rewarding relationship. This boundless love and care inspire owners to want to give back somehow and reward their best friends – these precious little fur buddies – for the love and companionship they generously give. Providing these loving and loyal creatures with the care and luxuries they require is indeed a great way to do so.