My Dog has bad breath. Is human toothpaste good for my Dog?

Oral Hygiene of a Dog is extremely important. Unless a dog is playing with plenty of chew toys, or consumes a lot of dental treats it becomes very important for us pet parents to brush our dogs teeth daily.

Now, the human tooth paste contains fluoride, which is not the best even for humans and hence the need to  spit it out post brushing, But a dog is not going to do that, so a different toothpaste is needed  altogether which is tasty and palatable  and which is why the dog allows us to put it into their mouths in the first place. Moreover, it contains enzymes and so the teeth do  not have to be brushed or rubbed for a long time for it to get cleaned. In addition to this a lot of dental treats and dental chew toys also help keep a dog’s teeth clean.
A lot of plaque and tartar which develop on a Dogs teeth must be removed on a regular basis in order for them to live a long and healthy life.  Your dog cannot tell you if his teeth are decaying  and if it starts decaying then they subsequently stop eating due to the discomfort, pain or the amount of food just keeps decreasing.

It has always been important to pay attention on their Dental hygiene as much as we do on their spa/shower routines. So let us ensure that we make Dental hygiene a weekly routine if not daily and start early at it.