Pet Insurance

While pet dog ownership has become common, many pet families still struggle with providing their pets with the best veterinary care. One of the biggest barriers to it being the whopping financials involved. As pet parents ourselves, we created a pet insurance product to provide every pet the very best health and wellness coverage in India – and nothing less!

Our aim is to empower pet families to make informed pet care decisions by letting them create their own personalised, budget-friendly Petprotect plans.

For a lot of us, our pets are like our family. We do everything we can to take care of them. We ensure that our pets are well-fed, trained well, get enough space to run and be fit and, of course, get showered with love and attention. So why not include them in the circle of protection that we offer with a Pet Health Insurance Policy.


  • Only pet insurance in the industry offering comprehensive pet dog related coverages, including surgeries, hospitalization, mortality, terminal diseases, long term care, OPD, Third Party Liability and theft/lost/straying cover
  • We offer affordable premiums: Our annual premium plans are more affordable than a cup of Coffee, starting at just Rs. 315 per annum!
  • We offer hassle-free Digital Claims: We make sure that your claims are handled by your personal claims handler. Simply upload your claims within minutes and we’ll handle the rest!
  • Covers pet dogs over the lifetime of the dog from age 3 months to 10 years
  • Covers treatment of any injury/surgery or mortality resulting from any accident from the moment of policy issuance, without any waiting period
  • 5% discount in case dog is RFID tagged
  • Medical tests for pet dog not mandatory even at higher ages, subject to waiting period for covering certain diseases


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