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Raksha Drive: protecting the streeties

Raksha Drive: protecting the streeties


Have you ever come across the body of a dog on the road? Perhaps hit by a car or scooter.. flat on the road. The puppies, waiting back home, scared..
Most of these deaths happen because of lack of visibility. JUSTDOGS Foundation decided to do something about it.

Seeking poetic inspiration from Raksha Bandhan, the JUSTDOGS Foundation organized a Raksha Drive to protect street dogs from getting hit. Most of these accidents happen as the drivers can’t spot these street dogs and they appear almost suddenly, causing the driver to panic and dash. With these glow-in-the-dark collars, they will be easily spotted thereby preventing accidents.

The number of deaths of strays due to accidents are alarming. The campaign that started in Ahmedabad, has been replicated in many cities across India. What is also beautiful is the fact that this is a citizen campaign. Many citizens came forward to take these collars from the JUSTDOGS store that they then tied to the dogs in their neighborhood.

“Once while going to school, my school van accidently hit a street dog. The incident scarred me. I knew I wanted to do something about it but never really got doing. Thanks to this initiative, I collected the collars and tied them to my neighborhood dogs,” says Reshma, a fashion-design student.
JUSTDOGS promises Unconditional Love and with this campaign, we are bringing together people who love and care for dogs, thereby building a community. Says Ranjan Iyer, “I am a dog lover and I think they are the real angels. I am grateful to JUSTDOGS for this noble cause that brought me and my grandson to spend meaningful time while caring for the dogs on our street.”

It is often the small things that lead to big changes. With this campaign, JUSTDOGS Foundation aims for the same. If you would like to join or know about more such initiatives, please drop us a message on our Instagram account.

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