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Creature Companion Magazine One Year Digital Subscription

Creature Companion Magazine was founded with the objective of providing pet lovers with essential information on petcare and related subjects, as well as, furnishing the domestic and international pet industries with important facts, trends and statistics about the Indian pet market. It has now not only become one and the same with petcare issues, but is also now internationally known and accepted as the sole organiser of South Asia’s only pet trade fair and India’s largest pet event, the India International Pet Trade Fair.

Creature Companion magazine focuses to spread consciousness and knowledge about sensitive pet parenting, for dogs as well as all other animals that fall under the category of companion animals.

It is Creature Companion’s editorial team’s hard work to provide exciting content on the very latest in the pet world. Each fun-packed issue is loaded with news, reviews, trends, must-have products, toys & accessories, training tips, pet food recipes, heart-warming stories, rescue stories, breed profiles, health, grooming & behavioural tips, pet-oriented book & DVD reviews, valuable tips for pet owners on a number of pertinent subjects.

Creature Companion is known for featuring interactive articles, where readers are welcome to contribute content and have a platform to proclaim their affection for their animals under a host of sections. Furthermore, it intends to support and thereby give impetus to the Indian pet industry by featuring articles that are teeming with reviews, views, information, statistics, opinions and recommendations. All of Creature Companion’s industry articles are research-based, which reflects the true status of the Indian pet market.


  • Features Interactive Articles
  • Research-based Articles
  • Articles gives the true status of Indian pet market
  • Provides in-depth and vital information on all companion animals


  • 1 Year Subscription: 12 Issues (Digital Copy)
  • 2 Year Subscription: 24 Issues (Digital Copy)
  • 3 Year Subscription: 36 Issues (Digital Copy)


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