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Hoomans Share Beautiful Stories of Unconditional Love on Friendships Day

For centuries, the friendship between canines and hoomans has been celebrated. The unconditional love, loyalty, being there for each other along with a certain unsaid peace is best experienced. This friendship day, some hoomans share their fur-ever story with us.

I had a far from perfect college life. Having scored a second class, I had to leave my hometown, and my friends to pursue graduation in another State. It was a difficult time for me. With no friends and staying far from family, I started slipping into depression. The other students were mostly localities and spoke in the vernacular. I was as lonely as lonely could be. Until I met Heero. Heero was the only pup who survived from a litter of six. Naturally, his mother was possessive of him. Heero and his mum loitered around the college canteen often. I don’t know how and when, but they became my family. Especially Heero, he’d follow me around, cuddle with me, tug on my pants till I lifted him in my arms and would even follow me back into class. I remember saving my pocket money to get them vaccinated. Heero was my home in that strange city. I laughed with him. Played like a child. He brought out parts in me I didn’t know existed. When Heero lost his mother, I took him in. He was the only friend I had back then, but he was enough. When it was time for me to go back home, I did. But not without Heero. I started working in a bank with Heero continuing to be my best friend.

– Abhishek Srivastava


My first pup Tim was there through thick and thin for me. Whether it was loving me like a sibling does or annoying me like my best friend, in him, I had the perfect companion. We had been together for 4 years when it was time for me to get married. Honestly, the thought I couldn’t come to terms with was that I would have to leave him and go. While my husband was sweet, I knew in an arranged marriage, this demand, of taking Tim along, would be too much for his family. With a heavy heart, I bid him adieu. Tim stopped eating after I moved to my husband’s. I couldn’t bear the thought and would cry every day. One day, when I opened the door, my husband stood there, holding Tim! It was the best day of my life! We all live happily, and I am glad to have my best friend back!

– Avantika Sinha


Simba belonged to my neighbours. But the heart of hearts, he always belonged to me. I was in college when this elderly couple, along with Simba, moved in next door. I have always loved dogs but there was something about Simba! He’d always run into our house at every opportunity and cuddle with me. I was going through a painful break-up and as though sensing it, he’d always shower extra affection on me. I offered the uncle and aunty to take him for walks and they agreed. Simba and I would go for long walks where I would talk my heart to him. He was like my therapist, my best friend!  Uncle and aunty had to move abroad to be with their kids and I couldn’t stop thanking my stars for letting me have Simba! They still video call for him and I am happy to fill them in on all details. They gave me my best friend and I couldn’t be happier.

– Shashank Dixit 


Like them, several others have experienced pure joy and friendship in furry friends. If you would like to share your fur-ever story with us, reach out to us on our Instagram.

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