Summer Tips for Dogs

The days are getting hotter and hotter, and with the change in the weather, your dog needs to adjust to the heat. However, there are many ways in which you can make your dog much more comfortable during a scalding Indian summer! Here are some tips and tricks that we have up our sleeve.

Stay Hydrated!
Hydration is the strongest weapon in your arsenal against the summer heat. Provide your dogs with plenty of water and ensure that it stays hydrated throughout the day. Adding some ice-cubes to your dog’s water bowl can help to keep him cool and calm. If your dog doesn’t show much interest in drinking water, you can add some coconut water to your dog’s bowl to bring some fresh flavour that could help your dog enjoy drinking water.

Avoid too much direct sunlight
The sun can be a little cruel during the summer months so it may be a wise decision to keep your dog out of the direct sunlight during the afternoon hours in these months. Taking them out for their walks at earlier hours and after the sunset are great ways to ensure that your dog doesn’t overheat or suffer from heatstroke. Doghouses should also be avoided during the hotter hours of the day in the summer because they can trap heat within them and be harmful. It is advisable to let your dogs stay indoors with you in the more temperature-controlled areas during these months.

Never leave your pet in the car
It is never a good idea to leave your dogs in the car during any time of the year, but this is especially ill-advised during the summer. Cars can get overheated very fast and even 5 minutes of this heat can prove to be very harmful for your pets, so it is better to leave them in the car only if the AC is running, or not at all.

Paw-care during the summer
The roads can get pretty hot during the summer and stay that way for hours after the sun goes down, which can cause injuries and burns to your pet’s paws and so it is a good idea to invest in some paw-protection in the form of pet-shoes. Just slip them onto your pet’s paws before a walk or any exposure to hot ground, and this way you can save your beloved pet from a lot of pain.

Beat the heat with SPF
It is a lesser-known fact that pets can also get sunburns sometimes, especially the ones with lighter, smaller coats. It can cause sun damage to their coats and in the worst cases, also lead to skin cancer. If you plan to have a long day in the sunny outdoors with your pets, it is wise to apply some pet-sunscreen every 3-4 hours. It is necessary to ensure that you only use sunscreen made specially for pets as human sunscreen can contain elements that can be harmful to your pets if they end up licking it.

When in doubt, contact a vet
If during the summer, you observe your dog displaying signs of overheating, such as troubled breathing, excessive drooling, sunken eyes, dry nose, fatigue and dehydration, please contact a veterinarian right away.

With these few steps to ensure the best health for your dog during the hot months, you can have a super memorable and happy summer vacation with your dogs!