When The Rains Come…

Monsoon is that time of the year when one’s inner child gets a chance to come out and play. The patter of the rains, the warmth of food amidst the chills, and the romance in the air; everything conspires together to make the season memorable. And the pets are no immune to the charm of the weather! Playing in the rain or enjoying long drives; the ways in which humans and dogs come together to make most of the season are many. However, just as for us humans, pets too require special care this time of the year. A few simple guidelines though will help one tackle the season and ensure that it brings joy, not disease.


1) Because shots matter
Albeit a different kind!
Make sure your pet hasn’t missed his immunization vaccines, for they play a major role in keeping diseases at bay.


2) Beyond Hair Driers
Lie Coat Driers!
Fifth-grade science taught us that a range of germs foster in moisture and you don’t want your pet’s coat infested, do you?


3) Deworm them:
It may give you the heebie-jeebies, but still!
Just keeping them dry doesn’t work. It is also important to thoroughly de-worm them before the onset of the season.


4) Keep them fungus free
Coz not all mushrooms are good!
Ample amount anti-fungal powders are also essential to keep your pets pest-free.


5) Prevent ear infection
Perked or not!
Muzzling their ears is one of the pet parents’ favorite activities. But did you know the crevices of your pet’s ears are where moisture accumulates and makes way for infections? Keep them clean and dry by using wipes or by booking them a grooming session.


6) Feed them diet rich in natural fibre
Because the gut feeling matters!
Just as from the outside, the insides of the pets need care. A diet rich in fiber and a bowl of clean water goes a long way in ensuring they remain healthy to enjoy the downpour.


7) Be their shrink
And help them manage their fear!
Thunder and lightning are a major reason behind anxiety in pets. Help them keep stress at bay by providing them toys that help manage stress, a place where they feel safe, and in some extreme cases, medication.


8) Buy that rain-coat
And not only because it is cute!
Raincoats and rubber boots are some more essentials that help keep their paws and their coat dry and germ-free.


9) Safeguard their pawsomeness
Because you should!
Paws are most exposed to the floor and in turn dirt and germs. Keeping them clean is of utmost importance.


Step 10 is following the above mentioned nine steps!
So go ahead and help them embrace the weather fearlessly.

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