How To Travel With Your Dog

You’ve been working hard throughout the year. You badly need to go on a vacation to relax and recharge. But planning a vacation brings along with it, its own baggage of complications that you need to iron out. Pet parents are further puzzled by what will happen to their furry little babies whilst they are on a vacation.

How about, you take your dog on your vacation this time? Taking your dog along with you will bring in an array of adventures and ensure that you have a wonderful time with your pooch. Besides, it will eliminate your worries of what will happen to your dog while you’re away. Although there are some things that one must consider before bringing along their dog on a trip. It is essential to do your homework and choose pet friendly accommodations and ways of transport to ensure a smooth transfer from your home to the place you desire to go to. Dogs have their own needs and its imperative of owners to make sure that their dog remains calm, composed, and sufficiently hydrated throughout the trip.

Travelling By Road

It would be advisable to put your dog in a crate when you’re on the road. Unlike humans, dogs really don’t mind the crates and even feel safe and secure within them. In order to get your dog better acquainted with the crate, the owners can start crate training their dogs, so that they do not panic when you put them inside a crate before embarking on your journey.

Get your dog to exercise a couple of hours before the trip. This will burn off their energy and they’ll be willing to rest inside the crate. Make sure that the elements that can potentially harm your dog are removed from the crate. Putting your dog inside a crate also ensures your dog’s safety when you hit the brakes too hard and too suddenly. Furthermore, make sure that they don’t eat a lot, as dogs tend to suffer from motion sickness. Full bellies might result in projectile vomiting.

Make sure to take a break every three to four hours when travelling by automobiles. This would be beneficial for both, you and your dog. Play with your dog or take him for a little walk during these breaks. Also, treat your dogs with little snacks. Protein-rich snacks would be the most advisable.

Travelling By Air

The first thing that you need to do is check the rules and regulations regarding pets before choosing your airline. Once again, it is necessary to crate your dog for the journey in an IATA approved crate. Make sure to have a pit stop as close to the boarding time as possible. Also, again, it would be advisable to indulge your dog in some exercise sessions before the journey.

Ensure that you give your dog enough food and water so that he doesn’t get any hunger pangs and to make sure that he doesn’t get dehydrated, as in most cases the dog isn’t given any food or water during the journey. However, don’t let him board with a full bladder or tummy either. Most of the airlines view pets as cargos and might not allow your dog to travel with you in the cabin. Therefore, make sure that you do not create a sad goodbye scene in front of your dog before boarding, as it will get him extremely anxious and difficult to deal with. Also know that the cargo your pet might have to travel in, is not going to be air conditioned, so refrain from putting him into any clothes as it is bound to get quite balmy and uncomfortable for him. It is also recommended to clearly label your dog’s crate with his name. An instance might arise where your dog gets really anxious or aggressive, and trained airport authorities might have to be called in to try and pacify him. During such instances knowing the name of the dog can be really helpful.

Travelling By Rail

Indian Railways allow the pet owners to travel along with their pets if they have a whole cabin to themselves in first class AC. In case you are unable to get a ticket in first class AC, your dog will have to travel in the luggage car.

If your dog is travelling in the luggage car, depending on his size, he may or may not have to be put in a crate. It’s the small or toy breeds that are commonly crated. Furthermore, make sure that he has been fed and hydrated well (not too much though). It would also be very beneficial to know the stoppages of the train beforehand. Try to pay a visit to your dog, whenever the train halts and feed him with protein-rich snacks. If the stoppage time is sufficient, take your dog out and allow him to relieve himself.

Keeping Your Dog Calm While Travelling

Bringing your dog’s favourite blankie, toy, or bone can certainly help him stay calm.

Giving your dog an aroma therapy and a deep tissue massage is one of the proven ways to help your dog remain relaxed. Just rub a little scented oils over your fingertips and massage your dog’s head and spine. Keep in mind to carry the requisite medicines, calming collars and spot on solutions available in the market to aid with the aroma therapy.

When you are exploring the new city, it is okay for your dog to growl at strangers or different objects. Let the dog explore the city in his own ways. Pulling your dog away from people or foreign objects will only put him on guard and make him more anxious. As a pet parent, you must remain calm and assertive in order to make sure that your dog doesn’t panic when she is surrounded by elements that are not a part of her usual environment.

Well, there you have it! You and your dog are now ready to embark together on an extraordinary vacation!