7 Essential winter care tips for your pet that will see it survive the cold months with ease

During winter, the temperature stoops down very low and the chill in the air becomes unbearable. The period between December to February is extremely cold for not only humans but our pets too. But one thing we all love in winter is getting warm and bundled-up, while feeling cozy. And that’s just not us, our pets feel the same way too. And, as responsible pet parents, it is our duty to ensure the comfort and safety of our loved companions during these tough times. Here are 7 essential winter care tips you can follow to make your pet sailing through the season:

1) Keep them active indoors.

Some pets may be very reluctant to venture out into the cold. In this case, don’t force them to go out for a walk but keep them indoors. However, do provide them with toys and play with them inside, in order to keep their body warm.

2) Go out when the sun shines

If your dog feels the cold, take him out for a walk in the late morning and early afternoon hours. Avoid going out early morning or late evening when the temperature is low. Also, play with your dog outside when the sun is shining which will provide your dog with Vitamin D.

3) Wrap your pet up in clothing

Just like we need the help of jackets and sweaters during the winter season, our pets also need some kind of clothing to keep themselves warm in the cold hours. Go to any pet shop and choose from a wide range of clothing for your pet and wrap them up in it.

4) Change the drinking water frequently

Like us, our pets feel less thirsty during winter. And that is the reason why the water in the water bowl might turn icy cold during the season and they don’t feel like drinking it. Therefore, keep changing the drinking water every 2-3 hours and serve water at room temperature.

5) Prepare a warm & cozy bedding

Do not let your pet sleep on the floor during the winter season. The prolonged contact with the cold floor can make them fall sick. Pet beds and blankets come in different shapes and sizes. Bring one home for your pet and see how he loves snuggling upon it. Place the bed in a warm spot, preferably where he sleeps every day, so that he doesn’t feel unfamiliar

6) Moisturize

Dry and cold weather can take a toll on your pet’s skin. Avoid dry and flaky skin by adding a skin and coat supplement to its food. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can help your pet’s skin and coat healthy.

7) Health check-ups during winter

If your pet is prone to arthritis, he may have a tough time during the winter season. Therefore, you should pay extra attention to his exercise routines. If your pet experiences joint pain, consult your veterinarian immediately for health supplements and other medications.