How to potty train your dog in monsoon

Rains can be a stressful time, especially when your dog prefers to stay cozy in his bed all day when the weather outside is all wet! Since most dogs aren’t exposed to rain as puppies, they grow up not being used to the sensation of getting wet either. And just like how we don’t like getting wet in the rain, dog’s don’t love it either and so taking your dog outside to pee and poop or just for a casual stroll can turn out to be really stressful to your dog and troublesome for you.

So here are a few tips to teach your dog to poop when it’s raining.

1. Create a positive experience with the outdoors.

Different dogs have a different routine and even a slight change in weather, wind or rain can disrupt your dog’s bathroom habits. So it’s crutial to give your dog a positive experience of the outdoors when it starts to pour. You can start by spending some time outdoors playing or taking a walk only when there is a slight drizzle and reward him for his good behavior. If your dog seems uncertain about going out in the rain, do not get upset and scold them as dogs easily pick up on our moods they would start linking rain to a bad experience and should be avoided at all costs.

2. Dress them for the weather.

With monsoons come heavy winds, cold weather, dirty paws, and also mud on your dog’s fur. Many dogs, especially small dogs do not like the sensation of rain and so to make your dog comfortable enough to poop outside, investing in a good quality raincoat will definitely give your dog a sense of protection and comfort. Raincoats help to keep your dog’s fur dry, keep muck from splashing on the fur and keep your dog warm. That avoids unnecessary bathing and also protects them from catching a cold and falling ill. Look for a raincoat with a hood and secure body straps to keep the raincoat firm and secure. Since rains make the ground slippery so dog boots provide a firm grip to your pooches and also make them feel comfortable. They help to prevent ticks and fleas and also keep the paws clean.

3. Be patient and let them walk in the rain.

On any other day, taking your dog outdoors to poop would’ve been a walk in the park, but unfortunately, it’s not the same during monsoons. The change in weather makes them feel uncomfortable and so they need to take a longer walk. Walking creates stimulation and urges them to do their business. So being patient and letting them take their time to sniff around would help them to poop sooner or later. Over time your dog would get used to this routine and would take a shorter time as well.

4. Find the perfect spot.

Dogs don’t like the feeling of wet grass on their paws, or they may find the pavement too cold which could make them feel uncomfortable to pee or poop. Looking for a covered and dry area to make your dog feel warm and less stressed by matching to their usual environment.

5. Train your dog with cue words

Saying cue words to your dog will help to give your dog a sense of structure and command. So when it’s time to go outside say commands like ‘go potty’ or ‘go pee’ continuously till your dog poops. Always reward your dog on completion as well so that he knows he will be getting a treat later on and can get done with his business quickly and also create a positive experience.

6. Make your dog feel warm once inside.

Once you’re back indoors, thoroughly dry your dog to avoid him from catching a cold. Quick absorbent or hypo-allergenic towels can be used to dry them quickly. Also, do not forget to clean their paws with wipes to get rid of any excess dirt or mud as well and then your pooch is ready to get back into his cozy bed for a nap.

Dogs love spending time with you and love going out as well so it’s important to be patient with him and create an overall positive experience with monsoons for them.