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Gifting Options for Pets

Gifting for pets!

It is finally that magical time of the year when homes are being spruced up, string lights are being untangled, diyas are being painted and gifts are being bought. The onset of Diwali means the festival of lights is knocking at the door. While lighting diyas is glorious, seeing the faces of your loved ones getting all lit up on receiving a present from you is unbeatable! So while you are busy handpicking presents for friends and family, we made your job a little easier by enlisting some special pick-ables that make great presents for furry babies!

So if you are a pet parent or visiting a parent, pick what you like:

1. Accessories: From cutesy clothes to leashes, bows and more! The joy of seeing furry babies all dressed up is unparalleled. Gift from our range of choices and enjoy them indulging in photographs.

2. Earmuffs: Doggos tend to have very sensitive ears and so, the loud crackers can cause them to feel nervous or scared. Help relieve your pet’s stress with a pair of stylish earmuffs that can even be a great statement accessory!

3. Toys and more!: From Kong toys that help in development while keeping it fun for others, we have many options in toys that make for amazing gifting options. The Kong plushies are irresistibly spongy and doggos love to play with them.

4. Nom-Nom: No celebration is complete with food. It is the one gift you can never go wrong with and we bet your dog will be very happy to receive some amazing treats from the wide range of food and snacks that we have.

5. Grooming products: What better gift for your dog this diwali than the gift of a shiny, smooth coat! Check out our massive range of perfumes, shampoos and conditioners and pamper your pooch this festive season