Dental Hygiene routine for your dog

Dental Hygiene for your pooch

It is a known fact that out of all the animals, dogs have the cleanest mouth.
And yet, they need to be cared for!
Here are a few Red flags you must not ignore for your dog’s good health.

1. Bad breath : The most common causes of bad breath in dogs are bad oral hygiene.

2. Discoloured teeth : If those pearly whites are fading, it’s a cause of concern.

3. Red, swollen or bleeding gums : These need immediate attention as they can cause long term woes.

4. Difficulty in chewing : If you see your doggo struggling to chew, it’s time to see a vet or an expert.

5. Weight loss : If your doggo has lost considerable weight recently, it could be a teeth issue!

6. Drooling : While some amount of drooling is normal, watch out for when it seems excessive as it could be a cue to poor oral health.

7. Bloody saliva : This is never a healthy sign in any species and must be attended to immediately.

8. Tooth loss : Again, untimely tooth loss should have your alarm bells ringing.

9. Plaque deposits : Calcium that hardens on the enamel and under the gum-line is called tartar. Tartar forms plaque when not removed with regular brushing.

Here’s what you can do to take care of your doggos!

A. Use the right doggie toothbrush. The right toothbrush for your doggo according to the age, vet recommendation etc. will go a long way in maintaining their health. Here is where you can find some.

B. Toothpaste and gels, when used correctly and in moderation, are very effective in dealing with dental issues for your doggos.

C. Scrubba-doo with tooth wipes. They are handy, quick, and convenient and do the job well.

D. Add dental powder to your doggos meals. Help control your dog’s plaque and tartar build up with add-to-food powders.

E. Dental toys are meant to clean their teeth and gums while also giving them an appropriate outlet to their instinctual need of chewing. Here’s one you can try – Dental Stick Dog Toy

F. Dental treats and chews are also an easy and effective way of combating oral issues in the doggos.

And of course, consulting a Vet and our experts is always an option. We will be happy to help.

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