Leaving your dog home alone for the first time? keep this in mind!

Leaving your dog alone at home while you're at work could make you imagine the worst scenarios possible and make you feel really guilty about it, especially if you love taking your best friend along with you everywhere. But unfortunately, going out to work daily or even to run errands requires you to leave your pooch home alone. While that thought itself makes you feel guilty, taking your dog to work isn't possible and neither is quitting your job.

So here are a few tips to consider to ensure your dog is comfortable being home alone.

My Dog has bad breath. Is human toothpaste good for my Dog?

Oral Hygiene of a Dog is extremely important. Unless a dog is playing with plenty of chew toys, or consumes a lot of dental treats it becomes very important for us pet parents to brush our dogs teeth daily.

Now, the human tooth paste contains fluoride, which is not the best even for humans and hence the need to  spit it out post brushing, But a dog is not going to do that, so a different toothpaste is needed  altogether which is tasty and palatable  and which is why the dog allows us to put it into their mout...