Women's Day



“I am not an ‘I’ person, I’m a ‘WE’ person”, said Poorvi Anthony, Founder of JUSTDOGS, describing her perspective of being a leader who believes in building a community of strong and empathetic women. 

Women who have resilience embedded into their hearts, vision carved in their eyes, compassion laced in their voice, determination oozing out in every action. At JUSTDOGS every woman recognizes her own potential, knows her strength, and is aware of her capabilities driving the change and perceptions of women in the workforce.  

Every woman carries her own individualism, with Poorvi at the helm, every woman is making a positive difference in ‘her own world’ and in the pet industry. “I started as an intern and grew into the role of Business Manager. I’ve been pushed to achieve my best potential, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow with such a supportive team”,  says Prisha Business Manager, JUSTDOGS. 

JUSTDOGS opens up the passage of growth and a fulfilling work environment for every woman working with the company. “I have been part of JUSTDOGS for two years now, however, I have known JUSTDOGS for five years, and when I had a chance, I grabbed the opportunity. JUSTDOGS has not only made me a better professional but also boosted my confidence”, says Namrata Joshi, Business Development Manager.

Every woman working with JUSTDOGS holds the potential to grow, write her own identity, and thrive in all the possible ways she wishes to. “I appreciate that learning goes beyond my designation, leading to multifaceted development”, Hiral Sachdeva, Store Manager. 

JUSTDOGS is a place for every woman who wishes to build her own trajectory, where boundaries are honoured and opportunities are endless. JUSTDOGS is the tapestry weaving multiple stories of success and personal growth. “I’m proud to be the first woman in the accounting department. It’s been an incredible journey of personal growth in a free and supportive environment.”, says Avni, Sr. Account Executive.  

Women employees of JUSTDOGS believe in standing together, being there for each other in thick and thin, embracing and empathising with each other. “As someone who believes in the power of women supporting each other, our motto ‘Unconditionally Yours’ really speaks to me. Like the unconditional love we share with our pets, our journey is about moving forward together, with the same unconditional love and support guiding us every step of the way”, says Arushi Agrawal, Marketing Manager. 

Talking about retail, JUSTDOGS understands the needs of women employees and takes measures to ease out all the obstacles and give a comfortable and convenient space to thrive and achieve their goals. “The supportive hierarchy understands individual needs and commitments. This has made it easier for me to manage my work-life balance and pursue my interests outside of work, contributing to a fulfilling work experience”, says Bhagyashree, Store Manager. 

Every moment spent at this haven is synonymous with growth, opinions are valued, and voices are heard. JUSTDOGS work with three A’s of life; Acceptance, Acknowledgement and Appreciation, the same spirit is being embodied in the collective psyche of JUSTDOGS. Recognition and Accountability breathe into the genesis, “My internship at JUSTDOGS has been amazing. The environment is so respectful, and I feel like my boundaries are always respected. I appreciate that there’s no comparison with other employees; we’re all valued for our unique contributions”, says Astha, Data Analyst Intern. 

At JUSTDOGS, every female is admired, appreciated, and acknowledged. Beloved Shilpa didi, as everyone calls her,  began her journey with JUSTDOGS three years back, and today JUSTDOGS’ office is lightened up with the aroma of coffee brewed by Shilpa. 

Every woman working with JUSTDOGS makes what JUSTDOGS is today. So, the next time you think of women in business, think of the women of JUSTDOGS, who are breaking barriers, changing perceptions, and leading the way to a brighter future for the pet industry.