Canine Behaviour Training

One of the leading dog trainers – Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Ketan Panchal shares some special insights on canine behaviour training.

As we gear up for his workshops in our Maharashtra stores, here is a little tete-a-tete with him with the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Q- What are the different kinds of training methods?

A-There are few different ways of training your dog. Alpha dog training, Positive reinforcement training, Negative reinforcement training and Clicker training. Depending upon the need for which we are training the dog, we choose the technique. For example- While training a home dog, Positive reinforcement is preferred style of training.

Q- What is the most important aspect while training one’s pet?

A-I can call it CPCP- Consistency, Patience, Calm and Positive reinforcement. It is also most important to win the trust of the dog before one tries to train them.

Q- What role do Snackers play in training?

A-I don’t treat Snackers as a treat. Instead, I use them as a reward. In positive reinforcement technique, the dog is gratified on a job done well. I love Snackers because they are soft, easy to break, tasty, and rich in protein so it is good for the dog’s joints and muscles. I love Snackers and prefer them, all their variants. My favourite one though is Chicken bites, Chicken dice and soft chicken slices for when I train dogs.

Q- Any tips to train dogs at home?

A- While you can teach them to follow certain commands, you will need a trainer to work on their behaviour! The trainer works on behaviour as well as obedience. While trying to train your dog at home, please set realistic age-appropriate expectations and use a Positive reinforcement method.

Q-What are some of the things we can train our dogs in?

A- Some of the most commonly taught tricks are Focus commands like their name, sit, down, handshake etc. It is important though to use the Positive Reinforcement Method. Do not scold or hit them. Work with their trust and show them love.

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