Keep Doggo Calm and Celebrate on!

Keep Doggo Calm and Celebrate on!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fasten your seatbelts as we get zooming into the festival season.
Starting with Ganesh Chaturthi all the way up to Diwali, including the India-Pakistan matches, guests, noise, crackers, and celebrations are how most of our days are dotted with.
While we love the change, our doggos who thrive on routines may get a little perplexed. Add to that the noise- DJ, Parties, and Fireworks and you have a doggo going through a multitude of emotions. What can one do then?

1. Create a safe space

Close down the windows to drown the noise. Low down the lights and fill the space with your doggos favourite toys and blankie. You may also want to keep them in their crate or kennel with their favourite things.

2. Try to stay close

Nothing calms your doggo as having their favourite hooman around does. Try to stay close to them, showing affection and warmth. They are more likely to relax when this is done.

3. Drown the sound with white noise

Use apps that play white noise to drown the cacophony from outside. There are also pet-friendly playlists available on Youtube and other streaming platforms that you can use to keep them calm.

4. Noise training

You can actually train your doggo to be less alarmed around noises by playing them on a lower volume while offering the doggo a snack and slowly increasing the volume. This helps in building a positive association with the sound.

5. An anxiety wrap to the rescue

Just as human babies feel better swaddled, you can try a light wrap with their favourite blankie during stressful situations like noisy ones.

6. Vet visit

The next time you visit the vet, you could get the medicine prescribed to keep their nerves calm.