The Mighty Kong

The Mighty Kong!

Kong toys can easily be called a dog’s best friend. Made from TPR rubber which is non-toxic, recyclable and completely safe for your furry babies, it is a constant in their life that helps them navigate through different stages of life with ease and comfort. While doggos love to bite, chew and nibble on them, humans can be rest assured as even if some part of the toy gets ingested, it will be eliminated via their poop.

If there is one toy that is an absolute investment in the doggoverse, then it has to be the Kong. It does it all and lasts a lifetime! While it can be used in a variety of ways, this easy-to-wash, dishwasher safe toy provides great mental stimulation to your doggo. They come in a wide range of varied sizes and shapes and you can pick one according to your needs.  The Classic Red Kong has been a favorite for many since decades! It comes in medium-hard density rubber and is ideal for average chewers. This four-inch, beehive shaped toy can be filled in with yummy delicacies for your doggo that makes these a big favorite!

If your doggo is an extreme chewer, go for Kong extreme that can endure those strong sharpies! For Puppers who are cutting teeth and want soothing, the pink and blue Kong are ideal as they ease pain. They can also be stuffed with Peanut butter, Cheese, Banana and other frozen treats. These will soothe your pupper in those difficult teething times.

Here are some other uses and features of Kong.

Bounce baby bounce!

Owing to its unique shape, the Kong bounces in unpredictable ways, much to the amusement of your furry ones.  Your doggo bounding and rebounding after the run-away toy is extremely entertaining.

Teething troubles

Play-biting and inappropriate chewing are common concerns of new puppy owners. A pawfect solution to the lil mouth explorations is to provide a Kong stuffed full of scrumptious treats. Go for our recommended pink and blue ones, stuff them with frozen treats and watch that happy puppy have fun!

Crate Training

The kennel and crate training for doggos can be turned into a pawsitive experience with these toys. Stuff the Kong with their favorite treats and keep them at the far end of the crate with the door open. Once the doggo is familiar to the crate, has built a positive association and feels ok, start closing the door in a  few days time. The transition will be smooth!

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety kicks in within the first twenty minutes of the dog being left alone.  When leaving your doggo alone, drop a stuffed Kong for them. Not only does this distract them from anxiety but it also builds a positive association between being alone and getting a reward like stuffed Kong.

Knock-knock, who’s that?

Another lovely visitor-related Kong application is that doggos who want to greet guests a-little-too enthusiastically at the front door can be taught to fetch a toy instead. The ringing of the doorbell becomes the cue to fetch the Kong, stuffed (if you know company is coming) or empty.

3-2-1 BOOM!

By providing ample exercise, you can deplete the excess energy sometimes that leads to ruinous house-romps or boredom barking.  Give them some Kong play time to get that pent up energy used as it should be. The mental stimulation that the toy provides will make sure that all play makes Jack a smart boy!

Now, after all this if you are wondering how to beat time in ordering these, here you are
Also, don’t scratch your head with what to stuff this multi-purpose, boon-of-a-toy with, watch this space for recipes. Na Na, no need to thank! We mean it when we say, unconditional love <3!